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Yoga is my other passion! An integral part of my LIFE. My love for yoga began in 1991 when I was in the midst of a stressful divorce. I knew that I needed to find something to help alleviate the stress in both body and mind. I was well aware of the dangers of stress and wanted to learn new ways to create peace within. At the this time, I knew nothing about yoga except that the practice calmed the body and mind. From this beginning, I have been blessed with opportunity to study with several extraordinary yoga teachers and other healing practioners, who have supported me on my Path of Change and Mindful Living.

My yoga journey began with the study of Iyengar yoga, a form of Hatha yoga with a strict focus on proper alignment of a posture. Debra was instrumental in my learning about my physical body, pranayama, quieting my mind through breath and most of all, she taught me how to relax. Over time, I began to notice the benefits in my mind, body and spirit. Though my life was still a challenge, I began to find ease and calm. When Debra moved out of the area, I moved on to study with Ruth Ann Lundenberg, owner of Nirvana Yoga, known then as Mama Nirvana’s New Yoga, located in Easthampton, MA. Ruth Anne was pivotal in deepening my practice, yoga and meditation became part of my daily life. Throughout the late 90′s and early 2000, I continued my yoga studies with Ruth Ann and explored other yoga centers in Hampshire County, such as the Karuna Center, Hadley Yoga Studio, Prakasa Yoga, and enrolled in healing energy workshops with Ishamel Dengate, Taoist Meditation and Yoga and studied Feldenkrais Methods. During this time, I realized the benefits of sound healing, the power of vibrational energy and kirtan, chanting your way to JOY!!!

In 2003, my yoga practice came to a complete halt when diagnosed with cervical stenosis and right rotator cuff  Doctors advised me to give up yoga, that yoga would be dangerous with my condition. This was devastating! I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga. I was in debilitating pain so I listened to doctors orders. The loss of my physical practice impacted my well-being: loss of energy, fatigue and muscle atrophy. Determined to recover, I found exceptional physical therapists and applied all that I learned from the blend of bodywork and yoga experiences. I intuitively listened to my body and began a very gentle physical practice. Over a long three year journey, I slowly regained my strength, was pain free and able to resume a modified yoga practice that supported my chronic physical conditions. Yoga was my prescription to overcome and heal. Yoga was my Medicine!

sacred-pause-joanne-lucia-florez“Sacred Pause”

My gentle practice deepened through chair yoga with Claudia. For many years chair yoga provided me with the opportunity to do more challenging poses, increased my strength, flexibility and balance and allowed me to participate in a yoga class for a longer period of time. I was happy to be practicing at this level, getting stronger and stronger in my body.

I became interested to learn more about yoga philosophy, anatomy/physiology and the chakras. I met Arden Sundari Pierce, yoga teacher and yoga therapist, co-owner of Sun Studio located in Florence, Massachusetts, who teaches in depth yoga theory and practice, chakra yoga, psaos yoga therapy and so much more!!! My studies with Arden were profound! She is an exceptional teacher who is devoted to helping others on their path of well-being. I have a deep connection with Arden, whom I studied with for near 10 years and collaborated with for many years offering Art & Yoga workshops.

Arden continues to be an inspiration and yogi mentor in my Life!

This past October, 2017, I fulfilled my dream to become a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, trained in the Kripalu tradition of Swami Kripalu. I am a member Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association and registered with Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga teacher RYT 200. I continue on my yoga path and study with teachers of the heart at Living Yoga Studio, located in Vero Beach, Florida.RYT200 logo

I am excited to share my love of yoga with others!

Over the past 26 years, I have been blessed with extraordinary yoga teachers,                      who inspired and touched my Heart in ways in which words cannot describe.        KYAA_mem_square                  I am grateful and honored to receive their gifts, their knowledge and love of yoga!           Thank you to all for sharing your wisdom!
I am so Blessed.

Life changing beyond and beyond…
Early on in my journey,
I discovered the most important riches of yoga -
these riches were present from the beginning -
buried deep within -
these riches are within my own Heart and Soul…

Living from the Heart is the true source of Peace, Love and JOY!

BE True to your Heart
to BE and LIVE
your True Self



Saraswati ~ “Peace”