VJay: Vision Journey with Art & YogaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Workshops led by Arden Sundari & Joanne Lucia

*I look forward to Arden visiting Sun Ave in Florida for another Vision Journey Workshop.

The blend of my two deepest passions are presented in the VJay workshops. In collaboration with Arden Sundari, participants are led on a guided journey to open the mind, body and Heart. A time to acknowledge and honor the perfection of “what is” in this moment and to open oneself to the infinite possibilities in life. One has the opportunity to experience deep relaxation through meditation and gentle yoga practices. Insights, visualizations and intuitive energies arise and are realized to create a powerful visual representation to express new perspectives, goals, and dreams. These workshops leave one with a deeper understanding of oneself, as well as clarity and awareness of what one wants to manifest, embody and integrate in their next step in life.

*v.j.a.y. means “victory” in Sanskrit

 ”Your Vision Becomes Clear when You Look Into Your Heart

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