Let’s Create

     Art Explorations at Sunny Avenue ~ Introspective ways to inspire others to create.

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Sun Ave offers flexible times to create. Open Studio time works to meet your needs as schedules can be a challenge. Life happens and at times gets in the way. There are many art forms to explore with options in approach.

Class sessions are each TWO hours long with a minimum of TWO participants. The cost of each class includes all basic materials*. Open studio cards are available. The completion of a project within the two hour time frame depends upon the depth and complexity in which you choose to work.

*Specialty papers such as rice, Japanese, Arches, Rives BFK, etc… for printmaking are purchased separately by participants prior to class.

*Decorative items such as gems, exotic feathers, sequins, silk flowers, etc…for mask making are also purchased by participants.

Sun Ave encourages all to personalize artworks by bringing in meaningful items such as photographs, little treasures, found objects and elements from the natural world.

Below is a list of Open Studio offerings and times. For detailed descriptions go to the Open studio web-page. To register please see options on registration web-page. If you have any questions, please call Joanne at (413) 695 – 3312. 


There are THREE levels of exploration:

1) Creative Play 2) In-depth Inner Explorations and 3) Sacred Journeys

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There are currently TEN art forms to choose from:

1) Accordion Books  2) Collage 3) Multi- Media Collage 4) Decoupage Plates 5) Mandala     6) Masks 7) Vision Boards 8) Printmaking 9) Press Printmaking and 10) Wall Hangings



(hours subject to change)

New Hours 3.8.2018

           “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”  ~ Wassily Kandinsky