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I am a certified art teacher with over 25 years teaching experience. I enjoy inspiring others to deepen their heart’s desire through the creative process. My approach is lighthearted and therapeutic, with a focus on empowerment and transformation wherever one is on their life journey.

I have been a yoga practitioner since 1991 and have had the opportunity to study with several extraordinary yoga teachers. I have been fortunate to discover Down to Earth Yoga Studio where I continue on my yogic path. I am most passionate about honoring one’s spirit through creative expression and integrate meditation and mindfulness practices into the art projects. In doing so, the art making is more meaningful and cultivates a deeper awareness/understanding within oneself. Often unexpected insights arise.

Sun Ave Arts Studio offers enriching opportunities and experiences to nurture one’s soul.

More about my life and passion for art on Origin and Journey of Sunny Ave Arts Studio page…

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