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                        Thank you for stopping by Sunny Ave!

I am HAPPY to finally be settled in sunny Florida after moving through many LIFE transitions over the past two years! I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do what I loved in my job as a certified art educator in Massachusetts! That being, sharing my love of the arts! For over 20 years, I inspired students to discover and express their creativity.

I collaborated with many teachers, school psychologists, parents, artisans and the community to cultivate a deeper awareness of the importance of the visual arts. Through music, performing arts, literature, math, social studies, science, health and more…the arts were celebrated. Such JOY!!! I am known back home for my integrated art curriculum, school-wide projects focused on diversity and teaching tolerance, murals, student art exhibits and community building projects ~ making connections together!

                                                                                                                                                                                       Over the years, my creative energy shifted more and more toward the healing power of art. I wanted others to experience the MAGIC that happens within when immersed in a creative flow. Loosing all sense of time…allowing for self-discovery, healing and personal transformation. Truly profound to give oneself over to the creative process.

                                                          “Sometimes words are not enough.” ~ Lemony Snicket

I currently offer innovative and introspective ways to inspire others to create.The unfolding of my path and how I found my way to Port St. Lucie can be found under Archives…the Origin and Journey of Sunny Ave Arts Studio. I enjoy inspiring others to deepen their heart’s desire through the creative process. My approach is lighthearted and therapeutic, with a focus on healing, empowerment and transformation wherever one is on their life journey.

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 Navigating the rolling waves of Life…
                                                                                    Art is not so much expressing oneself
                                                                                 as it is discovering oneself. (Anawanitia)

Yoga is my other passion! An integral part of my LIFE. I have been a yoga practitioner since 1991. I have had the opportunity to study with several extraordinary yoga teachers, who have supported me on my Path of Change and Mindful Living. I have a deep connection with Arden Sundari Pierce, yoga teacher and yoga therapist, of Sun Studio located in Florence, Massachusetts, who I studied under for 10 years. After relocating to Port St. Lucie,  I have been fortunate to discover Down to Earth Yoga Studio where I continue on my yogic path. I am excited to fulfill my dream to become a certified yoga teacher, trained in the Kripalu lineage. Kripalu yoga is a style of yoga, known as “yoga of compassion”, acceptance of oneself wherever you are in this moment, both on and off the mat. A practice that invites one to go deeper within, getting to know oneself, beyond just the physical practice ~ the practice of yoga is medicine for the body, mind and soul. I look forward to offering Art & Yoga workshops in 2018. For more information on past workshops, check out VJay under Archives.

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Going In and In

I am most passionate about honoring one’s spirit through creative expression and integrate meditation and mindfulness practices into the art projects. In doing so, the art making is more meaningful and cultivates a deeper awareness/understanding within oneself. Often unexpected insights arise. The creative process allows dormant desires to rise to the surface. Or if Clarity is already present, expressing and making your dreams concrete strengthens, empowers and manifests all into reality.

Sun Ave Arts Studio offers enriching opportunities and experiences to nurture one’s soul. Please feel free to contact me to set up a time to explore and discover what you want to explore or manifest in your life. Please check out Ongoing Creative Experientials (coming soon).

I look forward to supporting you on your path wherever you are in this moment!

Shine On

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