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Welcome to Sun Ave!

Sun Ave Studio continues to evolve



Finally moved all studio belongings from Massachusetts to Port St. Lucie studio space. I am making progress organizing and setting up ~ great to have my armoires! Patience is KEY! Sometimes frustrating to put my creative energy on hold yet I do know that all will come together in due time. Enjoying the process and letting life unfold naturally.

This is Sun Ave’s 3rd location! Phew!

A long journey though very excited to manifest my dreams…


“It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been”~ George Eliot



Hampden House

Though I created a space to resume work teaching

art classes, I was not able to fulfill the opportunity

to do so due to unforeseen medical challenges.

In the fall of 2014, I developed laryngitis and endured

a long painful journey before being diagnosed in late

January 2015  with left vocal cord paresis. After many

diagnostic tests, I had surgery late March to remove a

large nodule that was compressing on my laryngeal


Due to the total paralysis of my left vocal cord, I was forced to leave my work at Gandara

and was not able to continue my work with Sun Ave Arts Studio. I had great difficulties

speaking, even making a sound was a challenge. I was fortunate to work with a wonderful 

voice therapist who taught me many exercises which I practiced 3x a day in hopes of

getting my voice back. After many weeks I began to see some hope. I graduated from voice

therapy in late May with confidence that I could speak and even sing after a long and Yes!

terrifying journey.  I am most grateful that the nodule was benign. I still work each day

with my exercises and massage to keep my voice muscles working strong. Many blessings

have also taken place. I married the love of my life Thomas William Florez on June 3, 2015.

I have relocated to live in West Palm Beach, Florida where I will further develop my

creative energies and follow my dreams as an artist.

Computer and Work Area at Hampden House

studio 3studio 2Studio 1


Paint and Print Room print room 5

printing room

print room 4


Origin of Sun Ave Studio #348 ~

Sun Ave has expanded to provide hallway paintedmore work space to create. Beautiful space to work independently  or in large groups. Studio is air conditioned. The studio is divided into two areas:

sunrise IVSunrise Side:

                 Meditation, Sound Healing, Bodywork, Kirtan and Group Sharing /Discussion

sunset sideSunset Side:

                                      Work space and Movement / Gallery     sunset side II   studio nigth sound healing