Joanne last day at CBDS

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”
― Mary Oliver


March 29, 2017 ~ Working to complete all City Business Tax Licensures and Certifications

December 10, 2016 ~ Finally out of the small apartment! Took mucho ENERGY and TIME to find our new home. I am working to create a new studio space for SUN AVE. Below are some pics, still unpacking and organizing from most recent journey back to Massachusetts to get the rest of studio furniture and art materials. I am excited to begin again! I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion for art with seniors at the Delray Wellness Center. My focus now is to get back creating own artwork, offer workshops and a retreat in 2017 and to open an online store of Photography / Prints. 

I will continue to update my journey to recreate Sun Ave Art Studio in Port St. Lucie, Florida.


May 4, 2016 ~ Wow! I can’t believe that it has been almost one year since I moved to Florida. So many changes and adjustments to settling down here. My energy extended in so many directions  left  me with little time to further develop and recreate Sun Ave Studio. I spent alot of time back and forth to MA packing and working to sell our Hampden House property. Living out of boxes is not ideal and most of my personal belongings and art materials are still in storage. This put a damper on my being inspired to paint or be creative. Though frustrating at first to put my dreams on the back burner, I accepted that I needed to allow time for myself to adjust to living in West Palm Beach. This meant getting to know the area, making connections with other artists and finding us a permanent home. Living in a 500 sq. ft. apartment, needless to say, has been a challenge.

Clarity ~ I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the island of Vieques with a dear friend. A respite to contemplate my next step and direction with Sun Ave. what became clear was that I needed a home, a permanent residence in nature. And I realized that until that happened I could not give my all to my art or studio. When I returned from this trip, I put 100% into finding us a home out of this apartment and city. After being on the island, which was nestled on the hilltop overlooking the ocean with birds and coqui singing, horses roaming, peacocks and roosters squawking, the peace and quiet of being in nature, I knew that I could no longer live in the city.

It was clear on this trip that I needed space away from neighbors, horns and sirens, sound of gunshots and zooming traffic on the highway, and the constant annoying sounds in our apt., the noisy air conditioner and refrigerator, dish washer, etc…

I am excited that we have found a property on the outskirts of West Palm that is in the country. A country home on 1.50 acres of land that reminds us of our time living in Chesterfield, MA. We are hoping to close on June 1st. We are excited that we can start a garden, plant fruit trees, and room to breathe. Can’t wait to grill and sit on the deck watching the sun, moon and stars. <3

Patience has been my mantra ~ All in good time!

white flower okeecheelee

July 9, 2015 ~ Mid-September was the beginning of many life changes, both known and unknown ( more info about some of my experiences on my studio space page). After 11 months, I am now near the end of a long arduous journey both personally and professionally. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am excited to be moving on to resume my dreams as an artist.

September 10, 2014 ~ Summer was so Fun with all the children who came to Sky’s the Limit! Still working to find time for myself ~ a big challenge. Hard to balance work, studio and family ~ life.  In moving forward, this fall, I will offer limited class time for children, open studio to create gifts from the heart for the holidays and will continue work with my private students. I enjoy most offering art as a journey for healing. Sharing the power of art as a tool for transformation is deepest in my heart. I love my work at Gandara! Still evolving and trying out new things, great that I have the flexibility to change things along the way. Open to the infinite possibilities available in the world.

June 26, 2014 ~ A profound awakening…After working for this past year to achieve my vision for Sun Ave, I realize now that I am evolving in another direction. That direction being, what I actually set out to do ~           “to create and enjoy doing what I love: my own work”. 

I am aware how one can unconsciously create what is familiar. And that is what I have done at Sun Ave. I continued my work as a teacher and community collaborator. Not that I don’t enjoy this role, I do. Yet, this is not what I want to be doing at this time in my life.

I enjoyed the many classes and workshops that I offered at Sun Ave, the people and the experiences all touched my heart. However, I spent most of my time planning, gathering materials, setting up, cleaning up, and much more. I have no regrets at all, what I did helped me to reach clarity on my journey.

I am letting go of all that I have created Now. I am making a choice to delve into the void again, listening to my heart and moving on to create as an artist.

Blessings to those who supported me through thick and thin, especially, Tom, my partner, who all brought me closer to living my dream. Much gratitude and love, Joanne  “Shine On” and “Happy Day”





May 24, 2014 ~ An interesting busy last few months at Sun Ave. Finally almost at the end of studio expansion, a great addition to have more space to create, yet at a time unexpected ~ seems like that has been the course from the get go in the creation of Sunny Avenue. “Serendipitous, Spontaneous and Magic” are the words that come to my mind when I reflect upon my journey to this point.

The Women’s Retreat a highlight of the many wonderful experiences!


March 30, 2014 ~ Participating in the children’s art show at Paragon Gallery in conjunction with the Easthampton Artwalk in May. Children will begin their paintings this week. Excited to be expanding my studio space at the end of April and look forward to the Grand Opening of Sunny Avenue Arts Studio on June 7, 2014.

February 3, 2014 ~ In the midst of organizing the Weekend Women’s Retreat: The Fire Within. Much to look forward to…


January 11, 2014 ~ I am excited to be on my way at Sunny Avenue. I have gone through so many stages, both exciting and daunting ~ an insightful process. The freedom to create and the energy that comes forth from my experiences at Sun Ave brings me great JOY. I look forward to continue on my journey discovering more about myself through art, as well as, provide space and opportunity for others to do the same ~ encouraging you to take time to cultivate creativity.


October 25, 2013 ~ I am grateful to have worked the majority of my life as an art educator sharing my passion for the arts with children. And still do part time at Curtis Blake Day School. There are no words to express the JOY that I witness and experience in observing the creative expressions of young children. I made little time to grow as an artist. I gave all my energy to my work as a teacher and to coordinating community building projects. Now late in my life, my creative spirit stirs me to move on toward developing that dormant side of myself - the artist. I do not want to have any regrets in not making or taking time to do what I love before it’s to late. Though according to George Eliot:

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

I held this quote close to my heart through the many obstacles that I encountered to get to where I am now – Creating Sunny Avenue Arts Studio.

~Shining On~