Community Building Projects

                  Nature Screen Project

Students in all grades, Teachers, Parents and People of the Westhampton Town Community were invited to share a photo of their favorite place to go in nature, i.e. backyard, vacation destination, etc…everyone attached their photo to a piece of tagboard and then colored a nature motif border around the photo. The photo location was written at the bottom of the card. All photos were wired onto the screen panels for everyone to enjoy. A fun way to learn about beauty in nature as well as places near and far. A guided meditation was led by Joanne prior to this project, encouraging all to close their eyes to be in that favorite place in nature. Everyone was asked to visualize their most favorite experiences and the joy and peace that they found in the natural world. This project also focused on the importance to care for our planet Earth and to preserve the wonders available to us all.

screen panel 1


                       Caring for Ourselves and Our Earth

A school-wide project bring awareness to making a difference in our world. How our our choices impact each other and the earth. Students put their index finger and thumbs together to create a heart within. Hands were joined together on interlocked circles which were collaged and painted with elements of our natural world: images of animals, flowers, trees, water, and more.

handrings installation