I have decided to create an Archive of past events at Sun Ave so that visitors can see how my studio has evolved over the years. MEMORIES of what once was…the joys experienced at Sun Ave in it’s earliest stages.  The history of my dreams to open a studio and to finally paint. Life happens and changes forced me to “let go” of my initial vision.

All these unexpected experiences have helped to shape my decisions and have provided me with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Some of the transitions, especially the move to Florida, were challenging and at times difficult. It now makes 2 years since I left Massachusetts. This is my third time recreating Sun Ave. Though I have not painted as much as I would have liked, I am happy to be evolving slowly.

I have learned to embrace what I call “The Void”, the “Unknown”, drifting in time, “timeless”, allowing all to unfold naturally, in the right time, the right moment, to trust that what I need will appear. Not rushing, allowing stillness, listening to my heart.

This quote resonates for me, now that I have gone through so many changes:

                                        “change is the only constant in life.”

                                        ~ Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher.

                The changes have brought me closer to living life more fully.

                    I am grateful for each and every encounter along my path.

sacred pause Luanne 10x12

“Sacred Pause”