My Love of Photography


Over the last 5 years, I have finally made time to pursue my passion of photography, especially flowers. Most of my flower images are up close, intimate compositions that focus deep within to capture the delicate intricate details of the stamens that are seen only when the flower bud opens.

The flower blossoms are open to receive and embrace the light, fully exposed and vulnerable to the elements. Symbolic to the inner beauty that radiates from one’s Heart when open and fearless.

I am inspired by the beautiful landscape present in nature, the wild things, creatures big and small, the sensuous curvilinear lines, shapes, colors, patterns, simplicity and LIGHT that brings me much peace and JOY.


“Sacred Pause” – McKee Botanical Garden 2016

Jewels of the Pond ~ The shades of color, unique leaves and reflections upon the water are breath taking. This lily gracefully floats in stillness, open to embrace the light of day. The peace and tranquility presented by their beauty invite one to sit at the water’s edge to take a pause, perhaps a moment of contemplation, or to reflect within…